The Cloud Commission Versus The Standard Store

Our second birthday was celebrated a couple of weeks ago, there were balloons and icey poles, as one would expect from a toddlers party. There was also a very random art window installation….a lovely young fellow fresh off the plane … more »


Dutchee stylee

New season Humanoid has arrived,beautiful timeless pieces, that are ever so Euro chic. Think draped dresses with a twist, billowing shirts in earthy and icey tones, wrap skirts that you can throw on in a sec, and of course their … more »



Kitsune means fox in Japanese,its also a French music and fashion label.The Kitsune ( fox ) is said to have the power to change its appearance and face. A bit like the label….it represents many things, from club nights and … more »


Juniper Ridge

Ok men, what do you smell like? And what do you want to smell like ?More importantly what do we want you to smell like ? No sickly metrosexual, magazine advertisement smelling men here. No siree. Juniper ridge is for … more »


Floating Mountains

The Surry Hills were suppossed to be alive with the sounds, scents, and sights of spring last night, but by golly it was cold !So if you were too cozy on the sofa last night , this is what you … more »



There is a little family run factory in Montebelluna, in the province of Treviso in Italy that has been making dance shoes for the past 35 years.In the year 2000 a Japanese client fell in love with her white jazz … more »

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The 10 Commandments….

…of good design , courtesy of Deieter Rams: Good design is innovative. Good design makes a product useful.Good design is aesthetic.Good design makes a product understandable.Good design is unobtrusive.Good design is honest.Good design is long-lasting.Good design is thorough down to … more »

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Triumph & Disaster

An adage to live  by , if ever there was one! And with that nugget of truth, may we present a range of manly smellies from New Zealand. Jammed with rugged goodness, the Triumph & Disaster products are derived by nature, … more »

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You are SO my Type

I can never wear a big branded perfume again – never. There is something about smelling them that just makes me think – big brand advertising campaign! And I don’t want to smell like an advertising campaign. I want to … more »

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On the road again….

Buying in Paris and Berlin ( we are not going to whinge ) is a whole lot of fun and always inspiring and often exhausting. Highlights are : the salty radishes at the MAN  ( )trade show , courtesy of a … more »

Seek trade show i Nerlin