We hate that bees are dying, so we stock board shorts that donate profits to The Bumble Bee Conservation Trust.

We prefer bunny ears to baseball caps.

Dapper Dan. Fantastic Man.

Handmade shoes fit for the royal family.

Cloth ties rather than satin please.

Pantherella socks.

If we can’t have diamonds on the soles of our shoes, then we’ll have coloured rubber.

Community love.

Stripes must hail and sail from Brittany, France.

Umbrellas with wooden handles.

Think of your own ideas.

Roll ups.

Bedside reading, Smash The System, Utopia.

French girls walk past the shop and sigh… “Sessun!!!”

Camoflauge. Anything.

Girly tomboys.

Honey the shop dog.

‘I eat with my eyes’ Bill Cunningham