The Unknown Hipster Diaries

The Unknown Hipster wears aviators, a plaid shirt and has a beard and long hair. He loves surfing, and skate boarding to flea markets , he has modelled for French GQ and frequents art galleries. He has been known to play an entire Joanna Newsom track to a hostile crowd whilst djing and has drunk champagne from his waterproof Red Wings.

Sound familiar?

He was created by illustrator Jean – Philippe Delhomme  -when a gallery assistant at an exhibition of his asked about a drawing .

“it’s a hipster ” he replied

“which hipster ? ”

“unknown ”

“unknown hipster ? ” she asked? “Is this the title?”

“yes, unknown Hipster”

The Unknown Hipster was born


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The limited edition hard back of The Unknown Hipster Diaries is in store now.