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Self Service Magazine. 19 years on. Founded by Suzanne Koller and Ezra Petronio. Interview with Suzanne on Garance Doré here and Part 2 here You’ll wish you’d been collecting it for 19 years. Start now.

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Is your Nirvana Nevermind t-shirt stored away with your 1994 mint condition gig tickets? Does listening to Serge Gainsbourg make you feel So Frenchy So Sexy and like putting your hair in a beehive, and smoking, and wearing stripes? Is … more »

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Window Shop

This week in the window… For the boys… Folk Shirt Blue/Navy little people The Hill-side bow tie in Navy Tigerstripe London Undercover Houndstooth umbrella Mark McNairy Black chukka boot, blue sole Sandqvist Dustin bag, black And for the girls… Lauren … more »

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It was only back in June that Tom Hodgkinson inspired us to pick up a ukulele. And it’s days like these hot balmy ones that we find ourself strumming on the uke and staring out our big shop windows into blue skies, and … more »

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