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The Standard Store sale. Oh it’s a good one!


tom tom the idle son

Tom has been and gone like a slow, literary whirlwind. When Orlando and Nicola opened the shop last year, stocking The Idler books, was top of their list. So it was a real treat when Tom Hodgkinson, (author/editor/genius of The … more »



If you missed out the first time, this is your second chance at Chinti and Parker cashmere. I think they’re the best thing about winter. That and mushroom soup. Other colours in store too.  

Screen Shot 2012-06-16 at 11.03.56 AM


Turn the page of a book. Tie your shoelaces. Pinch someone’s cheeks.¬†Instagram, tweet, text. Eat small finger food, till your heart’s content with these super smart gloves from Etre. Two styles available,Touchy being the one with the fore finger and … more »

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get this instead of a fish

I wish I got the guy’s name who just came into the store and said that. Priceless. And he is right. This living terrarium will calm you like a zen garden and is way easier than looking after a fish … more »


men are nice folk

Look! Beautiful new pieces from Folk! Rain jackets just in perfect time for this weather in washed down red and navy. I love the blue block printed shirt and the oatmeal bag pant. Folk never lasts long in here, so … more »

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