J’aime Le Stripe- Armor Lux

Some things in life are a necessity , not a luxury, and when it comes to wardrobe staples you can not go past the breton tee. It’s a timeless classic  that will never go out of fashion. My first ( and favourite ) Armor Lux tee was one handed down to me from my Mum , she wore it in the 70′s -so its definately worth investing in the real thing .

The Breton stripe was traditionally associated with French fisherman , dating back to the 1800′s the very fine double twist cotton  protected against gusts of winds out at sea. In 1858 it became the uniform for French Navy seamen. If a sailor fell overboard the distinctive stripe made him easier to spot .

And then of course Coco Chanel introduced it to the fashion world, and the rest is history!